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Who Is Elizabeth Stage? Kelley Clayton Mother Now – Dateline



Elizabeth Stage is the mother of Kelley Clayton, the 35-year-elderly person who was severely killed in 2015. Where could her family presently be? We should figure out the subtleties here.

On 29, September, the 35-year-old Clayton was pounded into the ground at her home in Caton Town, New York, while her two kids were currently at home. The occurrence stirred up the entire country.

At first, the police authorities found it difficult to come by the thought process in the homicide, it was all silly and motiveless for them. How could somebody kill the mother of two youngsters so horrendously?

The homicide case took a staggering turn after police found that Clayton’s better half recruited a man to kill her significant other. The New York murder has left a ton of inquiries from that point forward.

Who Is Elizabeth Stage? Kelley Clayton Mother Elizabeth Stage is the mother of Kelly Clayton, an Elmira, New York murder casualty.

Stage arrived at the homicide spot soon after an hour after the appearance of the police. Seeing her little girl’s dead body, she got damaged and couldn’t express a word.

The casualty’s mom has at last found equity after Thomas Clayton, the killer of Kelley was put behind the bars. While representing NBC’s Dateline, she told that she inked in recognition of her girl.

At present, Elizabeth is additionally dealing with her grandkids.

Elizabeth Stage Age: How Old Is She? Elizabeth Stage’s definite age is still under survey. As her senior girl is now 42 years old, Stage should be running in her 70s.

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The person in question, Kelley, was the most youthful offspring of Elizabeth. Being the most youthful one in the family, Kelly was constantly safeguarded by her sister, Kim, yet tragically, Kim couldn’t save her from the killer.

Prior to moving to New York, the 35-year-old Clayton partook in her life in Las Vegas. Subsequent to wedding Thomas, Kelley got comfortable Elmira, New York, where she needed to experience a horrendous demise.

Elizabeth Stage Husband Details Elizabeth Stage was hitched to her late spouse, Howard Stage, who used to be the Fire Chief for the West Elmira Volunteer local group of fire-fighters in New York.

Dateline’s most recent episode uncovered a few secret bits of insight about the family. Thomas Clayton, who recruited Michael Beard, to kill Clayton, needed to get all the protection cash.

Upon the arrival of the homicide, Thomas was playing golf with his companions and worked the wrongdoing through a cell phone, which later turned into the clinical proof for the police.

Presently, both Clayton and Michael are carrying out their life punishment, while Stage is occupied with visiting her grandkids. May the spirit of the departed find happiness in the hereafter.

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