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What Was Female Free Driver Natalia Molchanova Death Cause? Russian Male Driver Alexey Molchanov Mother Details



Natalia Molchanova, a Russian boss free jumper and mother of Alexey Mochanov, a 24-time title holder free jumper, disappeared off the shoreline of Spain during a sporting plunge, and fans are quick to realize about her passing reason.

Natalia Vadimovna Molchanova (8 May 1962 – 2 August 2015) was an incredibly famous free jumper from Russia who likewise filled in as the association’s past president. She has been classified “maybe the best freediver on the planet.”

She vanished on August 2, 2015, while leading a confidential meeting in Formentera. On August 5, the quest for her was surrendered, and her demise was expected.

By holding 41 world records at the hour of her supposed death and gathering 23 gold awards over her broad vocation, Molchanova was the most embellished free jumper ever.

Free Diver: Natalia Molchanova Death Cause Natalia Molchanova, a numerous world record holder free jumper, and the previous leader of the Russian Free Dive Federation died due to suffocating in the wake of neglecting to surface while making a plunge the Mediterranean. Her body was rarely found.

Molchanova was making a plunge a district serious areas of strength for with and a ton of boat movement, where the water temperature can decrease essentially as jumpers slide, which can affect even the most prepared jumpers.

Many individuals were conveyed in her pursuit, including helicopters, a unique group of jumpers, and, surprisingly, a robot. In any case, she was not found and was proclaimed dead.

In 41 distinct disciplines, Molchanova had established standards with the expectation of complimentary plunging before she lowered herself that day. She could jump in excess of 100 meters somewhere down in a solitary breath, remain under for many feet while swimming regardless of loads, and stand by in still water.

Alexey Molchanov Mother Obituary: What Happened To Natalia Molchanova? The tribute of Natalia Molchanova, the mother of Alexey Molchanov, a 28-year-old serious freediver, has not been delivered. She was assumed dead subsequent to plunging 35 meters in the Mediterranean however never reemerged.

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As indicated by her child Alexey, it was an enraged current at profound that day. At the point when she evaporated on Sunday, Molchanova, who had been jumping seriously for a very long time, gave private guidance to two jumpers, as indicated by Alexey.

After she jumped to a profundity remembered to be somewhere in the range of 115 and 130 feet, the understudies failed to focus on her. As per Alexey, his mom additionally made many solo freedives to unfamiliar in the middle between preparing plunges.

Where Could Alexey Molchanov Now be? Alexey Molchanov, a Russian boss freediver, 24-time title holder (AIDA and CMAS), world record holder, and freediving advertiser, at present is residing in the Bahamas, where he gives freediving illustrations.

He kept on stretching the boundaries of the bifins profundity in 2020, establishing another standard for the longest recorded jump at around 600 feet underneath the ice (181 m).

In March 2021, Alexey lowered 80 meters or 262 feet underneath the frozen, one-meter-thick surface and afterward rose to the surface on a solitary breath. He additionally crushed the record for the most profound free jump under ice while wearing blades simultaneously.

Alexey partook in the nine-day, global rivalry Vertical Blue in the Bahamas at Dean’s Blue Hole in July 2021. In three separate games, he achieved world record jumps. He likewise settled two CMAS records in the CNF division, 87 and 90 meters.

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