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Fact Check: Did Amber Heard stab James Franco? Pineapple Express fork scene revisited



Online bits of gossip have flowed in regards to Amber Heard wounding James Franco in the film Pineapple Express. Via online entertainment, a few group contended that the scene in which the 36-year-old entertainer cut Franco with a fork wasn’t organized.

However, this is false. Heard was told to depict Franco being cut with a fork, as indicated by the film’s content, which has been disclosed.

Pineapple Express, a 2008 movie coordinated by David Gordon Green, fixates on Dale Denton, a homicide witness played by Seth Rogen. The film depicts the hero’s serious fear and condition of frenzy, which are welcomed on by his weighty cannabis use. To get away from the killer, James Franco’s personality Saul, a heroin vendor, connects with Dale Denton.

Dale Denton’s secondary school sweetheart Angie Anderson was depicted in the film by Amber Heard. James Franco’s personality Saul is cut with a fork in a scene from the film that is as of now becoming famous online. It is feasible to watch the two entertainers shouting in fear.

The Pineapple Express content demonstrates that Amber Heard didn’t really wound James Franco Following her criticism preliminary against her ex and entertainer Johnny Depp, gossipy tidbits about Amber Heard cutting her kindred entertainer and ex James Franco circled on the web. Online provocation of the entertainer has been progressing from passionate Pirates of the Caribbean fans. While supporting Depp, online clients have blamed Amber Heard for mishandling her better half.

In a 2018 commentary for The Washington Post, the entertainer blamed Johnny Depp for homegrown maltreatment. Notwithstanding, whenever proof was introduced in court showing Heard lifting her hand against Depp, numerous web-based clients blamed her for being the victimizer.

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From that point forward, many individuals have addressed whether the entertainer has likewise been forceful working. Heard wounding Franco in the neck was not arranged, asserted Reddit client “u/edgarcia59” on the stage.

However, this wasn’t true. In truth, the 44-year-old was not wounded by the entertainer. As indicated by the film’s content, which was posted on IMSDb, Saul, played by Franco, was intended to be cut with a fork by Heard’s personality Angie Anderson.

Since the defamation preliminary began, the entertainer has been trashed via virtual entertainment. On the web, a few TikTok recordings have derided the entertainer’s declaration in court; the most notable image is the “my canine trample on a honey bee” frenzy.

Heard examined the web hostility with Savannah Guthrie in a selective NBC interview, saying:

Heard was as of late seen shopping for food in Southampton after the all around detailed preliminary reached a conclusion. This came after her excursion to the deal retail chain TJ Maxx, which accumulated global consideration.

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