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A medical board must be established by court order in order to determine Dua Zehra’s age.



A Judicial Magistrate East court has advised another clinical block to be set to sort out how old Dua Zehra is.

During a conference working on it on Saturday, Mehdi Kazmi, the legal counselor for Dua’s dad, contended for the production of a clinical board.

The legal advisor said that the police challan, which says that Dua is 17 years of age, proposed that the case be placed in the C-Class classification.

Mehdi Kazmi’s legal counselor said placing the case in the C-Class classification without first making a clinical board and figuring out how old the litigant was off-base.

NADRA records back up his case that the young lady was 11 years and 90 days old.

In the wake of hearing contentions from the two sides, the court advised the Sindh wellbeing secretary to set up another clinical board to sort out Dua Zehra’s genuine age.

It likewise called for additional examinations concerning what was happening.

An Age Certificate from the Karachi Police Surgeon’s office said that Dua was somewhere in the range of 16 and 17 years of age at that point. At the Civil Hospital in Karachi, Dua Zehra’s solidification test was finished by Dr. Laraib Gul, who is a Woman Medical-Legal Officer (WMLO). In the Radiology Department of the clinic, x-beams were important for the test.

The radiology boss, Dr. Saba Jameel, composed on the declaration that Dua Zehra’s bones were not quite so thick as those of a 14-year-old.

The patient’s bones were somewhere in the range of 16 and 17 years of age, the authentication said.

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Mehdi Kazmi’s legal counselor, Jibran Nasir, said that the court had requested the formation of a clinical board, yet that the indictment would need to carry the young lady to court or have her test done elsewhere.

He said that the indictment hasn’t expressed anything about not needing a subsequent examination or a clinical board.

After Dua Zehra’s dad dropped his case, the Supreme Court settled on a conclusion about the case recently.

The court said it didn’t have the ability to deal with the case, however Dua’s folks could get help making a clinical bear from another gathering.

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